Friday, 10 February 2012

12 Simple Tips to improve your photography EYE !

Everyone can take a good photograph these days especially with all the great cameras on sale you can't really go wrong.  Also making a good image is subjective to the individual. 
However there are some golden rules that help all the visual elements look right together.


When taking a photograph you have to work within a frame.  Think about what you see through the view finder or back of camera try and think of it as a blank piece of paper.
First decision is whether you want horizontal or vertical.  Your eye scans horizontal pictures best like reading of a book left to right.  Using horizontal lines or shapes within creates a strong visual look.

Vertical photographs are helped if you use lines or shapes to draw the eye in.  Also your eye makes comparisons between the top and bottom of the image, so try and visualise the same way.
You also have panoramic and square crops.  I like the square format it gives a balanced feeling even if the subject is of centre.
Next bog BALANCE.

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