Friday, 9 March 2012

12 Simple Tips to improve your photography EYE! Tip 3 The rule of thirds.

Tip 3
The Rule of Thirds

Photographs always tends to record too much information.  Therefore it is always good to select a simple main theme and then use some tricks to draw the eye towards your chosen subject. There are several ways to help you with this.  One as mentioned before is to use lines to encourage your eye into the photograph.  Colour and tone is also important we will come onto that next.  But there is a golden rule if you can imagine splitting your photograph with three lines across and two lines down as in example provided.   This provides a guide to where to place subjects or objects within a frame.

When shooting landscapes if you position the horizon a third or two thirds in the picture this creates balance.

Or if you place an image on one of the intersections where the thirds cross these tend to create strong images.

Next time colour and tone.

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