Friday, 23 March 2012

12 Simple tips to improve your photography eye! Tip 4 Colour & Tone

Tip 4
Colour & Tone

Colour and tone greatly contributes to how you feel about a photograph.  We are all conditioned to connect a colour with an abundance of psychological and emotional meaning, and this can vary tremendously between cultural groups and individuals.  For example blues and greens create a colder feel, see example below 


Whereas if you look at this next photo which is simulaar to the one above I shot at a different time of day with warmer colours such as red it creates a very different feel.

The range of tonal values also effects a photograph.  Large dark areas are are associated with strength and mood.  Whereas images that are light suggest softness and space.
Try and use colour to help emphasize a subject.  For example the image below would not have worked if the little girls dress were in another colour.  Again simplicity makes more of a powerful photograph and that rule is applied to colour aswell. 

Next time : What is white space and why is it so magical?

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