Thursday, 5 April 2012

12 Simple Tips to improve your photography eye!! Tip 5 White Space

Tip 5
White Space

What is white space?  It is sometimes more important than the stuff that is in it.  It is the space that surrounds your main subject in a photograph.  See example :

 It is sometimes known as negative space.  It allows your eye to travel around the object and gives it a resting space..  Space calls attention to content.

 White space is just as much a shape as the main subject together they make up composition.    If the space gets filled up it feels oppressive, and a lack of negative space confuses the viewer.  It is I feel one of the most important points to deal with when creating an imageThe photograph below for example needs the space on the left to compensate for the eye to take in all the fabulous make up and costume of the model.

Next time : Simplicity.

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